IoTR is the first technology hub in Costa Rica and Central America where we connect the challenges and opportunities of the industrial 4.0 revolution with solutions based on the Internet of things. Our ecosystem is composed of experts, investors and advisers from multiple industries with the common interest of creating new business endeavors and making them profitable. The main objective is to promote the transformation of traditional jobs to compete in this new era, serving our country as an engine of digital transformation.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a digital revolution designed to change the way we live and work. Allowing us in many cases to move from corrective scenarios to preventive opportunities, optimizing not only process improvements and solutions, but most importantly positively impacting the quality of life for people around the world. It is expected that the number of devices connected to the Internet will rapidly multiply to tens of billions in just the next five years. Is Costa Rica in the position of being left behind and seeing this opportunity pass us by?

How did this iniciative start?

This proposal came to life following a conversation that took place on July 26, 2018 with Mr. Carlos Alvarado, President of Costa Rica and with various members of his cabinet. Thinking outside the box and with the purpose of developing our country in new areas that generate employment and quality of life for Costa Ricans in all parts of the country, we named this Tech Hub: “IoT Republik”.

How will we work together in benefit of Costa Rica and your business?

At IoT Republik we want to help those who have challenges in their businesses and organizations, with the help of a highly skilled multidisciplinary team that will bring different points of view and strengths, to boost them towards innovation through the use of technology. We will build solutions based on the Internet of Things with the goal of being a high impact, self-sustaining and revenue generating opportunity for our customers.

Do you want to be a part of IoT Republik’s pilot projects?


We invite you to nominate your business case or challenge, so we can assign the best members of our IoT Republik to help. We will receive nominations in the following 5 categories:

Climate Change


Mobility and Transportation

Multinational Companies


We will diligently review each challenge sent, and will choose one project for each category to be developed throughout 2019.

To participate, just send us your challenge to taking into account the following considerations:

  • Include in the subject of your email the area in which your project fits. Ex: AGRICULTURAL: Optimization / automation of irrigation system in a vegetable producing farm.
  • Tell us in a simple way and in no more than two pages what your challenge consists of.
  • Specify the appropriate contact person for the development of the project.

Here is the full proposal for you to access all the information in detail.


The proposal has been developed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals and entrepreneurs in the industry of services and technology exporting. This group seeks to generate business opportunities with a high social impact that advocates the transformation of our human talent, digital literacy and resource generation in high demand areas of work in Costa Rica and the world.

Gina Solari

Director of Business and Communication
Central Gate creator and founder

Luis Serrano

Digital Transformation Management
E-marketing, Business Strategy and Finance

Adelina Villalobos

Partner and lawyer at BLP
Commercial Law and Free Zones Regimes

Alvaro Cedeño

Ambassador for CR at the WTO and Japan
Sustainability and Climate Change

Melania Guerra, PH.D

Mechanical Engineer & Oceanographer
Scientific Diplomacy

Adolfo Cruz

Entrepreneur and CEO
“Nearshore IT” leader

Carolina Rodríguez

Public Relations and Marketing
Consultant and Creative

Alex Mora

Minister Foreign Trade 2014-18
Economist and CEO

Elizabeth Arroyave

CFO and Entrepreneur
Mentor for women in STEM

Alcides López

President of Central Gate
CEO and Technologist

If you are interested in being part of IoT Republik, write us.


We hope that with this proposal we can generate an interest in various sectors and entrepreneurs to contribute, collaborate and above all add value and participation to this initiative.

Hopefully we can add many talented people to this country wide project, so we invite you to join us, to give us your opinions and ideas, to share this document freely with your contacts and above all to work with us to dream, design and bring IoT Republik to the world.